by The Nesmins

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released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


The Nesmins Chicago, Illinois

Three dudes playin' songs too fast.

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Track Name: Is Pathetisad a Word?
I've been staying up way too late these nights, and I'd say for fucking nothing at all
Thinkin' bout shit that you spit dripping down from your lips, grippin' bottles to hold up the walls
I've had every good reason to give up on you, and the bastards around me agree
That it's starting to feel like we're wasting our time, cause we never speak honestly

So I spend my nights drinking to slow down this thinking, end up just as confused in the glass
Staring down out my phone, tryin' to feel less alone, and I end up back out on my ass
You never answer my call, I've been drinking for days, you're gone when I need you, you never seem to stay
But you're still reassuringly causing this grief, do we know how we feel, do we lie through our teeth?

If you could say one thing that could change my mind, would those words ever pass your lips?
If you could look at me and tell me why we trudge through the bullshit
I'm spinning in circles, I'm fooling myself, I want to believe I'm wrong
I'll wait for your answer, I'll give you a chance, but I swear, I've been right all along

So I'll end it all, tonight I'll go out and find someone who'll never care
I'm writing you off, though you've done nothing wrong and nothing right, and that's enough to tell me it's fair
I'll go out get drunk, go out get fucked, and wake up with little regret
Except this feeling I've got, maybe I'm wrong, but it's too late, I'm not alone, it's not you in my bed
Track Name: Pizza Master
So what the fuck? I'm not your schmuck. Don't be a cunt. It's fucking junk your heads become.

I don't know what the fuck you think but I don't owe you shit, you're just a desperate mother fucker and it makes me fucking sick
Fuck that horse you ride so well, wipe your own shit from your face,
From the time your heads been up your ass, it's getting fucking rank
It's just fucking pizza, It's just pizza mother fucker, it's just fucking pizza
I'm not the first, and I won't be the last, but you'll be the worst, cause you're stuck in the past
Track Name: Cardboard Cut-out
It seems there's less and less to say with each passing day, watching helpless but hopeful that our friendship will not fade.
The times we've had are gone now, and I'm left here in the wake, it keeps mu eyes wide open, everything I have's at stake.
I've known you far too long, to not understand what's going on. We walk our paths parallel. we'll never meet,
but I remember yesterday when together we roamed the streets. When we were young and stupid, the fun times we had,
but now we're growing apart it's tearing at my heart and I can't stand.